27 March, 2012
EUD President Wieland: The European area of justice is a valuable asset
Rainer Wieland warns against a divergence of the European area of justice. “In Germany, we should not rest on the fact that we are comparably advanced in terms of the implementation of European Law”, says the president of the Europa-Union Deutschland. There are still too many reasonable infringement proceedings against Germany.
“It is important for Europe in general to further develop the common area of justice. We already have far too many exceptions, opt-outs, and statements in the minutes. We have to put the EU Law into effect, where we have committed ourselves to doing so. “In principle, with regard to the implementation of European Law, a multi-speed Europe should be avoided”, says Wieland.
A unitary area of justice is the prerequisite for a well-functioning union. According to the Europa-Union and Wieland as a full member of the legal committee of the European Parliament, it is very important to acknowledge the priority of the European Law over the national law. “An area of justice can only work on the basis of uniform principles and rules. There is no room for different patterns of interpretation”, says Wieland. “The European area of justice is a valuable asset that guarantees freedoms to EU citizens that could not be ensured by the nation-state alone. Europa-Union would like to draw attention to this fact.” Therefore, “everyone has to do his homework; the constitutional courts, too, have a responsibility.” Otherwise, the legitimacy of the European area of law would be undermined and the basis of the European unification would be put into question. “We have to expand the common market and the area of freedom, security, and law in the sense that not only experts and European law specialists but also the ordinary citizens understand these as their EU aquis”. Concerning this matter, the EUD president criticizes the (in his view) increasing defensive attitude of national authorities. “If everyone tries to make small gains to his own benefit within the implementation of European directives, the common area of justice is severely affected at the expense of Europe”, says Wieland.

“In Germany we also have the tendency to overload some of the European regulation frames with national elements”. Wieland further states: “This overload is not a good European policy.”

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