20 December, 2011
EUD President Wieland: “The EU needs Great Britain”
EUD President Rainer Wieland is cautiously optimistic about the results of the last European Council meeting. He said that a solution including all 27 member states seemed highly illusionary just a few weeks ago. Hence, the results of the meeting can be seen in a positive light concerning the scope of countries involved.
Although Wieland would have preferred a democratically legitimized convent deciding about treaty changes, he stated that, regarding the pressure the eurozone is currently exposed to, it is acceptable to start with an international treaty between the members of the eurozone, which is open for the other EU members to join in later. MEP Wieland criticized speculations about Great Britain leaving the Union. “As we know that the Cameron administration is in a difficult situation, we should not put them under additional pressure. Incited commentaries from outside strengthen the wrong actors on the island. The Britons know that we need them – but not at any price”

Please check the complete press release (in German).

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