02 August, 2011
Establishment of UEF Montenegro
On August 2 in Budva the Founding Assembly of the Initiative Board of the Union of European Federalist of Montenegro was held. Resolution on the establishment of new chapter of European federalists movement – UEF Montenegro was made.

Behind UEF Montenegro stands a group of young professionals from different political affiliations, but they all share a common vision of UEF. Organization will be led by Bosko Kovacevic (President), Marija Blagojevic (Secretary-General), Ljubomir Filipovic (Vice-President), Boro Milovic (Secretary-International), Nemanja Tepavcevic (Board member) and Nevena Calic (Board member).

Founding Assembly discussed about main goals of the organization as well as the first projects that UEF Montenegro will organize during September and October 2011. Foundation of UEF chapter in Montenegro already received respectable attention in the media, with articles appearing in main political sections of major daily newspapers in the country.

Montenegro and other Balkan states are getting closer towards membership in the European Union. In this respect, UEF Montenegro sees itself as a strong contributor in achieving local and regional cooperation and integration into Europe and will be working together with partner organizations from the region in spreading ideas of united and democratic Europe. Another important goal of UEF Montenegro will be contact and involvement of citizens, organization of public debates and projects that will spread ideas of European unity. Organization has already created its web site, so more information will be soon available at www.uefcg.org.

President and Secretary-General of UEF Serbia Marko Vujacic and Danijela Bozovic attended the Assembly of UEF Montenegro. After the Assembly ended a special meeting was organized gathering representatives of both UEF Serbia and UEF Montenegro. Numerous issues were discussed mostly connected to the technical and organizational aspect of the work of the chapter, experience as well as the possibilities and modalities of future cooperation.

"We wish a warm welcome to Montenegrins into the large family of European federalists. We believe that promotion of federalist values and principles is of special importance on the Balkans. In future European federation all Balkan states should find its right place. European federation would solve all Balkan problems – there will not be majorities and minorities, borders, it will provide stable democratic political system and sustainable economic development. We are satisfied that the idea of federalism, which is not new in this area is gaining new vitality on the Balkans and finally has the chance to implement in its original democratic form,"said Marko Vujacic, president of UEF Serbia.

"UEF Serbia will gladly share its knowledge and its acquired knowledge in the establishment of new section with the European federalists in the Balkan states. Though we are a young organization in Serbia, we managed to get over the initial challenges and to constitute ourselves as a vital and functional organization. This is the reason for our presence here today. We wish a lot of success to our friends and colleagues in Montenegro," stressed Danijela Bozovic, Secretary-General of UEF Serbia.

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