23 November, 2011
Encouraging active European Citizenship in the post-Lisbon EU
The international seminar “Encouraging Active European Citizenship in the post-Lisbon EU” which will be held in Sofia from 11 to 18 December will bring together federalists from Bulgaria, Austria, Greece and Slovenia to discuss the new opportunities for active involvement of the citizens in the European project.

The Lisbon Treaty has now been in force for about 2 years. It has been praised as "The citizens' Treaty" because it provides for more citizen participation, an enhanced dialogue between the EU and civil society organisations, and increased rights, such as the new right to good administration. But has the Lisbon Treaty really delivered on its promises? What concrete improvements has the Lisbon Treaty brought for citizens? What mistakes, if any, have been made? And what remains to be done?

The project will meet the need to inform the new European generation how the EU works and the rights and obligations the EU citizenship brings. With the ongoing changes and their unavoidable impact on the whole EU decision making process, it is necessary to be proactive and understand the challenges and opportunities of the time to come. The new treaty gives people the power to push for the Europe they want.

The aims and objectives of the projects are therefore:

-  fostering a sense of ownership of the EU among its citizens
-  fostering action, debate and reflection related to European citizenship, democracy and     values through cooperation within civil society organisations
-  bringing Europe closer to its citizens by promoting its achievements

The project will involve governmental officials, elected representatives, scholars, activists of civil society organizations and, most importantly, the participants themselves in a series of debates, working groups and euro parties.   


Panel discussions, working groups, debates, lectures, plenary sessions, simulation games and information market will be some of the methods used to debate these issues.

For more info about the participating conditions and application form:

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