11 January, 2012
Encouraging active European citizenship in the post-Lisbon EU
The international seminar “Encouraging Active European Citizenship in the post-Lisbon EU” held in Sofia from 11 to 18 December brought together federalists from Bulgaria, Austria, Greece and Slovenia to discuss the new opportunities for active involvement of the citizens in the European project.
The event was opened by the UEF Vice President Philipp Agathonos. The participants received a greeting address from Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov as well. The working part started with a lecture of the Polish Ambassador Leshek Henzel who made an assessment of the Polish EU Presidency.

2 UEF Vice Presidents thrilled the audience as speakers. Philipp Agathonos made a critical analyses of the EU CFSP after Lisbon and MEP Andrey Kovatchev spoke about the increased role of the EP and its electoral reform.

The other topics discussed were how to defend the common European interest in the national public spheres, the German perspectives for the future of the EU, the role of the media in the European communication and how to use the ECI in order to make citizens’ Europe a political reality.

Panel discussions, working groups, debates, lectures and plenary sessions were part of the methods used to debate these issues.

The rest of the speakers included Reinhart Krapp Deputy Head of Mission, German Embassy, Seppo Aho, International Secretary, EM Finland, Ralitsa Kovatcheva, journalist, Vladimir Shopov, politologist and Velko Ivanov, Secretary General of UEF Bulgaria.

The seminar was also a good occasion for JEF and UEF EB members Sarantis Michalopoulos and Nikos Lampropoulos to meet activists from national sections and discuss the opportunities to foster regional cooperation.

The rich social program besides giving the participants a chance to explore the night life in Sofia  included a horse ride in Vitosha mountain and excursion to the Rila Monastery.

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