29 November, 2012
Debate in Sofia "European integration - too less or too more, too late or too early?"
President of UEF Bulgaria MEP Andrey Kovatchev was the main speaker at the discussion "European integration - too less or too more, too late or too early? organised by UEF Bulgaria and Sofia University European Studies Department on 26 November 2012.

The focus of the discussion was the need for a stronger economic and closer political union, negotiations for the new MFF and effective European citizenship. Kovatchev expressed the position of the federalists that only a Union endowed with a supranational power, with institutions that are democratically legitimised and efficient mechanisms which do away with national vetoes is able to activate an environmentally and socially sustainable European plan for economic development, as demanded by European citizens. 

In the end Kovatchev promised the students to support in the EP "Erasmus Mundus" programme for the new period.

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