23 January, 2013
Cameron gained time – for Europe
In his comment on Cameron’s “speech”, General Secretary of UEF Germany, Christian Moos, calls for understanding and pragmatism. In his view, Cameron’s intention was not to blackmail the other Member States, but to gain time for him and for Europe.

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Moos underlines that on the one hand the EU will find it difficult to satisfy its aspirations in exerting its role as a serious actor of the 21st century without Britain. On the other hand Britain needs Europe.

Moos recalls, that it has not always been the British who tried to sabotage the integration process. Therefore and because of a possible isolation that would be of no use to anybody, he warns against scapegoating Britain.

As a solution, Moos suggests a framework of concentric circles, with countries being offered the opportunity, to either push ahead if they want to, or to remain behind, always being offered the chance to catch up with the others.  If a core Europe, if the political Union is successful, Moos argues, even Britain will join the club.

Europe must once again become a promise of the future. Then it would be able to become a strong Union including Britain and thanks to Britain.

For more information please see full article (in German).

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