28 September, 2011
Andrew Duff welcomes Barroso's decisive move towards Federal Economic Government
Andrew Duff MEP (ALDE/UK), President of the Union of European Federalists, warmly welcomed today's 'State of the Union' speech by Commission President José Manuel Barroso.
"At last the European Commission has asserted itself in favour of moving swiftly towards what will be a fiscal union with a proper economic government. Mr Barroso will present proposals in the coming weeks for 'a single, coherent framework to deepen economic coordination and integration'. He has acknowledged that these reforms must be based on the 'Community method' to be credible not only for us federalists but also for the markets. 
"The European Parliament has also voted decisively today for the 'six pack' on economic governance which is the first building block in the new system of economic governance. 
"Mr Barroso's proposals for both stability and project bonds will hasten the day when Greece and other eurozone economies can re-enter the market place. They lay the foundations for new investment designed to recover growth in the European economy."
Andrew Duff, who called in today's debate for federal economic government to be accompanied by more political legitimacy of the EU institutions and the development of European political parties, added:
"The new assertiveness of the European Commission gives us hope that weak intergovernmental forms of political cooperation will be discarded in favour of the more coherent, democratic and efficient approach. Every citizen -- elector and tax-payer -- must get to know who's in charge of the European economy and that those given that job are up to the task. 
"Mr Barroso was also right to call for much greater progress to be made in common security and defence policy. 
"Today was a good renewal of the European project."

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