15 July, 2012
A Debate - “Youth and Employment, really?”
While an average unemployment rate of 22% below 25 years of age, young Europeans call for solidarity between generations and for European action. The 7,5 million youths who are now neither employment, nor in training nor at school symbolise a “lost generation”.
On 12 July 2012 in Brussels, Group Europe of UEF and GRASPE (Reflection Group on the Future of the European Public Service) invited three committed young Europeans to a debate with Henry Malosse, president of the Employers’ Group in the EESC, and Brigitte Degen, of DG Employment at the European Commission. They were Henri Lastenouse, Secretary general of Sauvons L’Europe, Luca Scarpiello, Vice-President of the Youth Forum and Baki Youssoufou (French Students’ Union).

Henry Malosse underlined the lack of proper governance and a true European budget; he also called for a productive economy. The Commission’s recent “Youth Opportunities” and “Youth on the Move” initiatives address the issue of quality internships and mobility; an Employment package is also due in December. The exchanges, moderated by Catherine Vieilledent (Group Europe) and Sylvie Vlandas  (Graspe) bore on the status of interns, support for young entrepreneurs, the debt burden and the prospects for growth, the need for proper governance and for inclusion of young people in the European political body yet to be created.

All participants called for priority action by the European Union for young people and with young people and urged further debates to be organised so as to bring the urgency home to the decision makers.

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