28 February, 2013
1st Convention of European Federalists
UEF France is organising the 1st Convention of European Federalists. The event will take place next March 16th in Lyon, under the patronage of Mr. Martin SCHULZ, President of the European Parliament.
With this event, UEF-France aims to convince the public opinion that federalism and democracy can only go hand in hand: fully democratic institutions at the European level cannot exist without a federalist framework.

In that sense, UEF France wants to put an end to fake ideas regarding the so-called “F-word” and the European Federalists: neither the Federalism is an utopia nor the European Federalists are gentle dreamers. During the event:

- UEF-France will bring arguments aiming to convince the public opinion, particularly in France, that for Europe there is no alternative to democratic and federal institutions.  Moreover, UEF-France will explain why the centralism constitutes an obstacle to the development of a democratic and supportive Europe.

- UEF-France will contribute to debates and political campaigns in view of the European election in 2014 and ensure that, since the beginning of the next mandate, the initiative will contribute to a deep institutional change based on a European constitution.

- UEF-France will animate federalist debates as a complement to the “Assises du Fédéralisme Européen” in co-operation with the European Movement   France and the Young Europeans   France (8 June 2013, Paris).

The 1st Convention of European Federalists wants to bring together European citizens, international Federalists activists – mainly from UEF and JEF - MEPs and other relevant personalities who have openly supported a federalist political organisation for Europe.

To see the event page, please click here.

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