15 November, 2012
“12.12.12: Time to decide, time for a European Federation! ” - Guidelines
At occasion of EU Summits JEF and UEF decided to offer opportunities for actions. Next opportunity to be active is the new joint pan-European campaign initiative in view of the meeting of the European Council next 13-14 December under the slogan: “12.12.12: TIME TO DECIDE, TIME FOR A EUROPEAN FEDERATION!”
The European Council meeting will have to consider important measures to consolidate the Eurozone with a banking, fiscal and political union.

In the past months the economic crisis has put pressure on national governments to act, but national resistances and week political will are making uncertain whether bold decision will really be taken.

With our pan-European initiative we want to make pressure on national governments to act – and act now – by approving a road for a constitutional convention with a mandate to arrive to a democratic federal Eurozone while preserving the achievements of the Union. We also want to make pressure on the members of the European Parliament to have their say and not let the initiative for a plan for a political union in the hands of the national governments alone.

We ask your support to mobilise your local section and join this pan-European initiative. In the next few days and weeks, you will receive more information and material that can be used for your action. Material and news will also be posted on our websites and Facebook pages. Meanwhile, we ask you already to get going and start organising your event as soon as possible.

What can you do?

Any type of action, big or small, counts. You can organise your event in the week preceding the European Council and particularly on the preceding day: 12.12.12.

You can organise:

· a public stand to distribute leaflets and other campaign material in the city centre
· even without a stand, distribute leaflets in the city centre
· a flash-mob or other street action
· a panels discussion with politicians or organisations of your city

Regarding the JEF sections and all UEF sections willing to join, we suggest a 'star' flash-mob: a flash-mob with European stars as 12 is also the number of stars on the flag, on the model of what was organised in October in Verona to attract the attention of passer-by.

We also invite you to engage your sections in an email campaign to your Head of government/head of state and MEPs. Write a letter to your Prime Minister, using a template prepared at European level, which you can personalise as you think fit. Inform your activists about this initiative, ask them to join and be the multipliers of your message.


If you are responsible for a national or regional section, we ask you to inform all your local sections in your country or region.


use a leaflet - (ENG) and (DE), prepared at the European level (you are free to make changes and adapt it to your needs)
- send a letter to your Prime Minister (use a template letter)
- issue a press release before and after your action

As soon as you are certain to organise an event in your city, please inform JEF Europe Secretariat at  info@jef.eu and UEF Secretariat at secretariat(at)federalists(dot)eu.

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