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Resolution on Foreign Security and Defence Policy

Whereas 22 years after the revolutionary changes in Central and Eastern Europe that swept away the communist regimes and paved the way for the reunification of Europe, the people in Europe´s southern neighborhood are now...

Category: Resolution, Defence, Security, Congress


Paper to support the Strategy Resolution (PC1)

Adopted in UEF Congress 10-12 October The European Union is at a crossroad. The concomitance of different extremely severe crises gave origin to a situation which requires with dramatic urgency that some decisions are taken,...

Category: Resolution, Democracy, Environment, Economy, Security, Congress, EU Constitution


Résolution sur Union africaine, l’Union européenne et la proposition du Secrétaire-Général sur la réforme du Conseil de Sécurité

Le Conseil exécutif de l’Union Africaine (UA), réuni à Addis-Abeba, a adopté le 8 mars une résolution historique sur la réforme du Conseil de sécurité des Nations Unies. Il a décidé que l’Afrique, et non les états membres, devra...

Category: Resolution, External Action, Security, Federal Committee

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