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Resolution to support European Parliament empowerment for a deeper & stronger legitimacy

Adopted by the UEF Federal Committe, Brussels, 14 June 2014

Category: Resolution, Federal Committee, PC3, Democracy, EU Constitution


Resolution on demands to the European Council & the newly elected European Parliament - Don't betray the voters!

Adopted by the UEF Federal Committee, Brussels, 14 June 2014

Category: Resolution, Federal Committee, PC3, EU Constitution, Elections


UEF Manifesto 2014

Adopted by the XXIV UEF European Congress, Berlin, November 2013

Category: Congress, Resolution, EU Constitution, Democracy, Economy


Resolution "Federal Union Now"

Adopted by the UEF Federal Committee on 13 November 2011 (Read the resolution in German) Whereas:A. The cohesion and stability of the eurozone is the indispensable precondition for the economic recovery of Europe,B. The...

Category: EU Constitution, Economy, Federal Committee, Resolution


Political Resolution

The Union of European Federalists, meeting in their Federal Committee in Berlin on 24-25 October 2009, resolves as follows:Recalling the decisions of the UEF Congress in Paris of October 2008,1. Congratulates the people of...

Category: Resolution, EU Constitution, Democracy, External Action, Economy, Environment, Federal Committee


Paper to support the Strategy Resolution (PC1)

Adopted in UEF Congress 10-12 October The European Union is at a crossroad. The concomitance of different extremely severe crises gave origin to a situation which requires with dramatic urgency that some decisions are taken,...

Category: Resolution, Democracy, Environment, Economy, Security, Congress, EU Constitution


UEF Strategy Resolution (PC1)

The XXII UEF Congress, gathered in Paris, on October 10-12, 2008,aware- that the world political order, based on the UN and the Bretton Woods system, created at the initiative of the United States after the Second World War, is...

Category: Resolution, EU Constitution, Democracy, Congress

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