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Resolution on a common European Energy Policy

The UEF Congressnotes thatenergy policy is a worldwide challenge in the 21st century and that national energy policies are unable tomeet the expectations of consumersis convinced ofthe need for an EU competence in this field and...

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Resolution on the creation of an European Energy Community (PC2)

The XXII┬░ European Congress of the UEF met in Paris, 10-12 October 2008Recalling that the Lisbon Treaty, for the first time, in the area of energy provides for - a solidarity clause;- shared competence between the Union and the...

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For a European Strategy on energy, sustainability, competitiveness and security of supply

During the first semester of 2006, Russia cut off the gas supply to Ukraine and Georgia and influenced the results of the elections in Belarus by threatening to increase gas prices. At the same time, the shortage of oil reserves...

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Resolution on the Industrial and Energy Policy in Europe

Industrial policyRecalling that it is important:- To maintain and increase the competitiveness of the European economy- To maintain the European notion of the welfare state and to ensure that the benefits of globalisation are...

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The European Union and the Iranian nuclear programme

The XXI UEF Congress, held in Vienna from 30 June to July 2, 2006, agrees that the question of the Iranian nuclear programme is evolving towards an extremely severe crisis. In order to find out a proper answer to this challenge,...

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