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Paper to support the Strategy Resolution (PC1)

Adopted in UEF Congress 10-12 October The European Union is at a crossroad. The concomitance of different extremely severe crises gave origin to a situation which requires with dramatic urgency that some decisions are taken,...

Category: Resolution, Democracy, Environment, Economy, Security, Congress, EU Constitution


UEF Strategy Resolution (PC1)

The XXII UEF Congress, gathered in Paris, on October 10-12, 2008,aware- that the world political order, based on the UN and the Bretton Woods system, created at the initiative of the United States after the Second World War, is...

Category: Resolution, EU Constitution, Democracy, Congress


Resolution on a Government Programme for Europe

Appeal to the European Poltical Parties for the 2009 European Elections, passed by the Federal Committee meeting in Prague, November 10-11, 2007The UEF Federal Committeewarns- the European political parties that the next European...

Category: Resolution, Democracy, Elections, Federal Committee


Resolution on the European Union as a power for peace

The XXI UEF Congress, held in Vienna from 30 June to July 2, 2006, Reaffirming peace as the precondition for social and ecological justice, freedom, democracy and human rights and as the fundamental value of the European Union,...

Category: Resolution, Democracy, External Action, Human Rights, Congress


Europe and its citizens – the internal policies of the Union

The UEF Federal Committee, taking place in Brussels, 4-5 November 2005, Considering that- The European Union has assured, for more than 50 years, peace, democracy, employment and economic development- Without a federal...

Category: Resolution, Democracy, Economy, Federal Committee


Resolution on European Political Parties

According to the article I —  46, PART VI, of the E.U. Constitutional Treaty: “Political parties at European level contribute to forming European political awareness and expressing the will of the citizens.”  UEF and...

Category: Resolution, Democracy, Elections, Federal Committee


Declaration regarding the elections to the European Parliament

The European Congress of the UEF, meeting in Genoa on 19-21 March 2004,Realises that Members of the European Parliament, to be elected in June 2004, will face some crucial decisions for the future of European unity, including :·...

Category: Resolution, Democracy, Elections, Congress

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