Ventotene International Seminar 2016: apply now!
10/05/16 //

The 33rd edition of the International Seminar on Federalism will be held from 27 August to 1 September 2016. Each year, young federalists gather on the island of Ventotene in Italy to discuss with leading experts federalist ideas...

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FEDERALIST CAFÉ DEBATE: Altiero Spinelli - a life for the United States of Europe
10/05/16 //

On 26 May 2016, federalist organisations in Brussels invite you to the second edition of "Federalist Café Debate” to learn more about Altiero Spinelli, his lifelong battle for the United States of Europe, and how his belief in...

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The Future of Schengen: Failures, Challenges and Perspectives
04/04/16 //

On 16 April a debate under the title "The Future of Schengen: Failures, Challenges and Perspectives" will be organised in the city of Luxembourg by the Luxembourg section of the Union of European Federalists (UEF) in...

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A new treaty for the Eurozone? Book launch with Duff, Verhofstadt, Hübner, Berès
23/03/16 //

On 15 March 2016, Andrew Duff’s latest book "The Protocol of Frankfurt: a new treaty for the eurozone" was launched at the European Parliament in Brussels at an event organised by the Spinelli Group, the Union of European...

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European solidarity: Failures, Challenges and Federalist Perspectives
20/03/16 //

Over the weekend 18-19 March the Union of European Federalists hosted the annual Federalist Debate and Training Weekend under a title "European Solidarity: Failures, Challenges and Federalist Perspectives". This year the event...

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Borders are the past. Do not dismantle Schengen!
15/02/16 //

The Schengen system, together with the euro and the single market, are the most advanced and visible achievements of European integration. They are key elements of a political project of unification that has guaranteed...

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11/02/16 //

On Tuesday 23 February Oliver SEIFFARTH (European Commission) and Sergio CARRERA (CEPS) will speak at a Federalist Workshop on Saving Schengen: Building a European Border Management System

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