An open letter to Mr. Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council
25/06/12 //

Andrew Duff has written to European Council President, Herman Van Rompuy on behalf of European Federalists with proposals to solve the current crisis in the EU. A copy of the letter is attached here.

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14/06/12 //

Reacting to the escalating crisis in the European Union, the President of the Union of European federalists Andrew Duff MEP is calling for swift action to set up European economic government. In a statement today Duff says:

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Federalists urge decisive action by Heads of Government and plan long term for the European Parliamentary elections
11/06/12 //

The Bureau of the UEF, meeting in Brussels at the weekend, backed the call by their President Andrew Duff MEP for a core group of states to form an immediate vanguard to tackle the EU crisis. They supported the proposal for a new...

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09/06/12 //

Speech by Andrew Duff MEP, President, to the Union of European Federalists, Brussels, 9 June 2012

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Open letter to the Presidents of the pro-European political parties in Greece
15/05/12 //

In this decisive moment, European Federalists address the Presidents of the pro-European political parties in Greece to present the Greek people with clear and realistic proposals for the resolution of the crisis within the...

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Public Discussion “Is the European Project Exhausted?”
10/05/12 //

On the occasion of Europe Day UEF Bulgaria along with the European Movement organised a public discussion “Is the European Project Exhausted?” held in Sofia University on 9 May.

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„Street polls on banners“ – a great success!
09/05/12 //

On 9 May, activists of Europa-Union and the Young European Federalists organized two street polls on banners in central places in Berlin.

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