Public Discussion about European Elections in Sofia
09/05/14 //

On the Occasion of Europe Day JEF Bulgaria along with UEF and EM are organising a public discussion “European Elections: An Opportunity for the Citizens to Choose the Direction Europe Should Take".

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Apply to Ventotene Seminar
07/05/14 //

Since 31 years, the Altiero Spinelli Institute for Federalist Studies and the Movimento Federalista Europeo (UEF Italy) have been organizing an international federalist seminar on the island of Ventotene.

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Federalist highlights from the first ever pan-european debate
29/04/14 //

Yesterday (28 April) for the first time in history European citizens had the chance to witness a 90’ debate between the leading candidates of four European political parties to President of the European Commission. European...

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Ask your question during EUdebate2014!
28/04/14 //

Tonight the first ever pan-European debate with candidates for the presidency of the European Commission will take place in Maastricht at 19.00 CET. The debate will be held in front of an audience of 700 young people and...

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15/04/14 //

Launched in the framework “Towards Federal Europe” campaign, the Federalist Scorecard is a comprehensive analysis of the European political parties’ manifestos for the EP2014 elections, in the perspective of UEF and JEF...

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Two European Election debates at Barcelona University
10/04/14 //

11 April, 12 am:Acte – Debat a la Universitat de Barcelona amb universitaris i eurodiputats, organitzat per MEP Ranking amb el suport d’Horitzó Europa.Panel discussion debate at University of Barcelona with university students...

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"Passion of Europe" Book Presentation in Brussels
10/04/14 //

Presentation of Françoise Jurion's Book in Brussels organized by UEF Belgium.

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