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Resolution on European External Action Service

The Federal Committee of the UEF, meeting in Brussels on 27-18 March 2010,takes note ofthe proposal of the High Representative/Vice-President (HR/VP) of the Commission on setting up the European External Action Service (EEAS) as...

Category: Resolution, External Action, Federal Committee


Making the European Union Capable for Action

The Union of European Federalists at its Federal Committee meeting in Brussels (27-28th March 2010),convincedthat the world international order created after the Second World War can no longer provide adequate global governance...

Category: Resolution, Democracy, Federal Committee


The way forward after the European elections

Adopted by the UEF Federal Committee meeting in Berlin on 24-25 October 2009,Europe is often accused of being destructive of identity or adverse to it, a “Trojan horse of globalisation”. As a Single Market, it is often viewed as...

Category: Resolution, Elections, Federal Committee, Democracy


Political Resolution

The Union of European Federalists, meeting in their Federal Committee in Berlin on 24-25 October 2009, resolves as follows:Recalling the decisions of the UEF Congress in Paris of October 2008,1. Congratulates the people of...

Category: Resolution, EU Constitution, Democracy, External Action, Economy, Environment, Federal Committee


European Citizens and Consular Protection

Bearing in mind recent international crisis such as the Tsunami in 2004, the terrorist attacks in Mumbai and the Bangkok airport blockade in November 2008, UEF takes note of:- the legal  existence of  the European...

Category: Resolution, Human Rights, Federal Committee


The European Union needs a Federal Budget and a Federal Government to face the Financial Crisis

The Federal Committee of the UEF,aware- that, unlike what happened at the time of the Great Depression, world powers are today searching for world-wide cooperation, as witnessed by the decision to build a “new world economic...

Category: Resolution, Economy, Federal Committee


Resolution on the Current Financial and Economic Crisis and the need for a Common Economic Policy

UEF Federal Committee of 18-19th April in Brussels considers that:The current financial crisis is of a global dimension and will have an enormous impact not only on the European financial industry but the general economy....

Category: Resolution, Economy, Federal Committee

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