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Resolution on a common European Energy Policy

The UEF Congressnotes thatenergy policy is a worldwide challenge in the 21st century and that national energy policies are unable tomeet the expectations of consumersis convinced ofthe need for an EU competence in this field and...

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Resolution on Foreign Security and Defence Policy

Whereas 22 years after the revolutionary changes in Central and Eastern Europe that swept away the communist regimes and paved the way for the reunification of Europe, the people in Europe´s southern neighborhood are now...

Category: Resolution, Defence, Security, Congress


Establishing Spinelli Chairs

The UEF Congress,- recalling that an Altiero Spinelli chair has been established at the Buenos Aires University;- in order to promote the dissemination of federalist thinking beginning from the Universities, for the purpose of...

Category: Resolution, Culture, Congress


12 Theses for a Federal and Democratic Europe

Back to Resolutions 1. The justification for a federal Europe – that only a strong and effective Union can protect its people and their interests – is stronger than ever in this complex, fast-moving world.2. The political...

Category: Resolution, Democracy, Congress


Theme Resolution "European Federal Union - Time to Decide!"

The world order is changing. The rise of new global players such as China, India and Brazil risks the marginalisation of Europe. Europe's neighbouring Arab countries struggle to become democratic. Global warming requires a...

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Resolution on Agriculture and Nutrition in a changing world (PC2)

The XXII UEF Congress meeting in Paris on 10-12 October 2008,evaluated the positive trends in world economy trained by several emerging regions in Asia, Africa and Latin America that let a growing population to participate in the...

Category: Resolution, Agriculture, Congress


Resolution For a strong European voice in the UN (PC2)

Adopted in UEF Congress 10-12 OctoberEurope, more than any other political entity in the world, embodies a certain set of civil rights and basic liberties that have been achieved through a hard struggle over several...

Category: Resolution, External Action, Congress

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