EUD president Wieland: border controls destroy the spirit of Europe
20/04/12 //

“When we start to stand apart from each other, we will destroy Europe”, states Rainer Wieland, president of the Europa-Union Deutschland, commenting on media reports about German-French plans for a re-establishment of border...

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European Federalists despise renationalisation of border control
20/04/12 //

On the occasion of a joint europewide meeting of the Young European Federalists and the Union of European Federalists in Leuven starting today the Schengen initiative of France and Germay was taken up with lack of sympathy.

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Enlarging the territory of citizens' participation
19/04/12 //

On 1-8 May 2012, UEF-Bulgaria along with JEF and the National Student Confederation have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the international seminar "Enlarging the Territory of Citizens’ Participation".

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EUD President Wieland: The European area of justice is a valuable asset
27/03/12 //

Rainer Wieland warns against a divergence of the European area of justice. “In Germany, we should not rest on the fact that we are comparably advanced in terms of the implementation of European Law”, says the president of the...

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Joint Federal Committee of the EUD and JEF meets in Berlin
24/03/12 //

On March 24, the Joint Federal Committee of the EUD and JEF met in Berlin. Before their meeting, the Delegates of Europa-Union and Young European Federalists demonstrated for democracy and the rule of law in front of the...

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Europe of the future: what Europe do we want?
13/03/12 //

The crisis is putting pressure on the politics to take action. People are asking if the Europe will be able to overcome the crisis. How you manage all the challenges and create confidence in new European integration? How do we...

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Free Belarus Action 2012
12/03/12 //

The Young European Federalists are organising a pan-European street action on 18 March 2012 to protest against and raise awareness about the last remaining dictatorship on the European continent.

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