UEF Belgium is the Belgian branch of the Union of European Federalists and as such is a pluralistic association, independent of any political party and / or government institution. UEF Belgium holds its ordinary General Assembly once a year to elect its Board.


- Stimulating debate on major issues and challenges of the European integration, through conferences and seminars of reflection as well as training programs including: European governance, globalization and new challenges on a global scale (environment, energy, climate, security… ), Europe in the world, European citizenship, the future enlargement of the EU;
- Campaigns for a Constitution and a federal Europe, in the framework of the UEF supranational campaigns
- Find the aspirations of citizens and civil society in order to encourage their active contribution to the "European project";
- Raise awareness among institutions and political parties in Belgium on the urgency of a federal Europe;
- Respond to the various topics of European news by position papers, press releases, articles and analysis in the media, informing the public via the website and quarterly newsletter (UEF-INFO);
- Create more synergy with other civil society organizations working towards a more integrated Europe, including the European Movement.

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