12/10/12 //
Peace constitutes the very foundation of Europe. The project of European integration arose from the need to put an end to the destructive national divisions among the European states. » read more
Parliament accepts Federalists' petition for fiscal union and federal economic government
20/09/12 //
The European Parliament today accepted a petition which challenges it take initiatives to build a federal Europe. The petition was lodged by Andrew Duff MEP, President of the Union of European Federalists (UEF), Jo Leinen MEP,... » read more
Andrew Duff welcomes Barroso's new commitment to federal path for Europe
12/09/12 //
Responding to the State of the Union debate in the European Parliament at Strasbourg this morning (Wednesday). UEF President Andrew Duff said: » read more
Spinelli MEPs welcome decisive vote on fiscal union
04/07/12 //
The European Parliament voted today by 501 to 132 (with 38 abstentions) a political resolution on the outcome of the European Council meeting 27-28 June. The outcome is welcomed by the co-chairs of the Spinelli MEPs, the... » read more
What the EU agreed last week, what it did not and what happens next, by Andrew Duff
03/07/12 //
© Council of the European Union  What was agreed1. At long last the European Council (28-29 June) has taken some very significant decisions on addressing the short term crisis. There are two main elements:-• to centralise... » read more

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