Federalists target 2014 elections
23/04/12 //
Meeting in Leuven this weekend, the European Federalists have set their sights at the elections to the European Parliament in 2014. » read more
European Federalists despise renationalisation of border control
20/04/12 //
On the occasion of a joint europewide meeting of the Young European Federalists and the Union of European Federalists in Leuven starting today the Schengen initiative of France and Germay was taken up with lack of sympathy. » read more
Free Belarus Action 2012
12/03/12 //
The Young European Federalists are organising a pan-European street action on 18 March 2012 to protest against and raise awareness about the last remaining dictatorship on the European continent. » read more
Federalists welcome EU membership prospects for Serbia
28/02/12 //
Reacting to the decision of the General Affairs Council today (Tuesday), UEF President Andrew Duff MEP welcomed the progress made with regard to Serbia and Kosovo. » read more
European Federalists urge leaders to stick to their words
28/02/12 //
On 1-2 March, 25 of the 27 heads of government will sign the fiscal compact treaty. Over the last few months, many of those leaders have declared that we need to go further. There have been calls for 'more Europe' and a genuine... » read more

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