Sarkozy is right a European government is necessary, but ....
10/11/08 //

In his speech to the European Parliament, President Sarkozy acknowledged that the financial crisis "requires reform of European institutions" and that Europe needs an "economic government" because "we...

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Andrew Duff elected as new president of the European Federalists
15/10/08 //

During its XXII Congress, held 10-12th October in Paris, Mr Andrew Duff was elected as president of the Union European Federalists.When presenting his candidacy, Mr Duff outlined the Federalists' response to the current events:...

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Ratifying the Lisbon Treaty is only a first step for more European democracy
20/02/08 //

The Union of European Federalists (UEF) welcomes the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty in the European Parliament. However, Mercedes Bresso, President of the UEF stressed: "More must be done for European democracy. If European...

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UEF President warns against watering down European Constitution
19/06/07 //

Mercedes Bresso, President of the Union of European Federalists, calls upon the European Governments to reject any compromise text which would remove the most important innovations provided for in the draft Constitutional...

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The UEF launches Campaign for a European consultative Referendum on the European Constitution
23/04/07 //

The Union of European Federalists has opened a next stage in its promotion of a European constitution by launching a campaign for a European referendum on the European Constitution to be held at the occasion of the European...

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