UEF calls for mainstream parties to lift turnout by fighting hard
14/05/09 //

In an appeal to all the mainstream political parties, UEF President Andrew Duff MEP warned of the dangers of rightwing populism and ultra-nationalism unless the campaign for the European Parliament was fought...

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Federalists call on political parties to campaign on Europe
20/04/09 //

The Union of European Federalists, meeting in Brussels on 18-19 April, has appealed to the political parties to intensify their campaigns in the upcoming elections to the European Parliament. Speaking at the conclusion of the...

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Andrew Duff calls on federalists to define 'European interest'
17/04/09 //

In his key note speech to the Union of European Federalists on Saturday 18 April, Andrew Duff MEP will urge more attention to be paid to the definition of the common European interest. He will say: "This is a dangerous...

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"Barroso" also candidate for European Green Party?
30/03/09 //

Green Party Congress de facto supports Christian Democrat Barroso for President of European Commission Andrew Duff MEP, president of UEF said: "After last week's nomination of Mr Barroso as candidate for president of...

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Federalists call for a new international monetary system
14/11/08 //

In the light of this weekend's G20 summit, Andrew Duff MEP, President of the Union of European Federalists, calls for the creation of a new international monetary system on the basis of a world standard. In a statement today...

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