Federalists warn that Europe is losing leadership on climate change: Call for Commission proposal on funding of Copenhagen talks
08/09/09 //

The outgoing Commission must make an early proposal to the Council and Parliament to help developing countries meet the challenge of climate change if the EU is to keep its leadership in the battle to slow climate change. So...

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Federalists launch campaign within new European Parliament
14/07/09 //

Federalist MEPs from several political groups are uniting to launch tomorrow (Wednesday) a new reform initiative. A Federalist Intergroup will be formed to spearhead Parliament's work in political and constitutional affairs. The...

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Federalists call for Delay in Barroso decision: "New Parliament has to prove itself"
15/06/09 //

The Union of European Federalists met in Brussels on 13 June to give their first reaction to the European Parliamentary elections. UEF wants the Parliament to postpone the formal appointment of the new President of the Commission...

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Andrew Duff welcomes the demise of Libertas
09/06/09 //

Welcoming the news that Declan Ganley has withdrawn from politics, Andrew Duff MEP and president of UEF says:

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Andrew Duff urges voters to support pro-lisbon parties
03/06/09 //

In a statement today (Wednesday), Andrew Duff MEP, President of the Union of European Federalists, says: “European citizens should vote in large numbers to support the legitimacy of the European Parliament.  “Above all,...

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