Andrew Duff urges voters to support pro-lisbon parties
03/06/09 //

In a statement today (Wednesday), Andrew Duff MEP, President of the Union of European Federalists, says: “European citizens should vote in large numbers to support the legitimacy of the European Parliament.  “Above all,...

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EU institutional failure in the management of the crisis
27/05/09 //

European and world economy are submerged in an economic crisis, direct result of the financial crush of last months. Two comments on this: One; the EU has not fixed the problems that caused the current chaos in the credit...

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Who is my candidate?
19/05/09 //

In 2007, the Union of European Federalists decided to launch a campaign for giving the European citizens the possibility to choose a President for the European Commission . A politicization of the electoral campaign was necessary...

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UEF calls for mainstream parties to lift turnout by fighting hard
14/05/09 //

In an appeal to all the mainstream political parties, UEF President Andrew Duff MEP warned of the dangers of rightwing populism and ultra-nationalism unless the campaign for the European Parliament was fought...

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Federalists call on political parties to campaign on Europe
20/04/09 //

The Union of European Federalists, meeting in Brussels on 18-19 April, has appealed to the political parties to intensify their campaigns in the upcoming elections to the European Parliament. Speaking at the conclusion of the...

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