Youth Organisations support pan-European Constituency for European Parliament
27/06/11 //

At a press conference today (Monday) seven organisations of EU youth, including those from all the mainstream political parties, gave strong support to the proposals to reform the electoral procedure of the European Parliament...

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Seven Youth Organisations Urging MEPs to Create an EU-wide Constituency
22/06/11 //

European youth organisations from across the entire political spectrum representing several millions of young Europeans are demanding in a joint Press Conference that MEPs muster the necessary courage for a bold reform of the way...

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Europa-Union demonstrates against the re-imposition of border controls
10/06/11 //

On June 10 in Halle/Saale, the Europa-Union Sachsen-Anhalt (local section of Europa Union Deutschland – UEF in Germany) cut symbolically a tollgate in reaction to the planned re-introduction of border controls in Europe.

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Federalists assess state of the Union: "European Council in Denial about Risk to Unity"
06/06/11 //

The Union of European Federalists, meeting at the level of its Bureau in Brussels on 4 June, debated the continuing crisis of the eurozone, economic governance, the reform of the European Parliament and the future of the Schengen...

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Statement on the 25th Anniversary of the Death of Altiero Spinelli by Andrew Duff M.E.P., President of the Union of European Federalists
19/05/11 //

On Monday we will recall with great respect the passing of one of the major figures of twentieth century Europe, Altiero Spinelli.

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