08/04/14 //

The Union of European Federalists is opening the volunteer position of TREASURER (f/m) for the upcoming two-year term from June 2014 to 2016.

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FEPS President and panellists pledged their support
07/04/14 //

The UEF team was at the FEPS Forum last Friday April 4 where it met and interacted with socialist EP2014 candidates.

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European Federalists at the EPP Congress in Dublin
25/03/14 //

A dozen MEPs and MPs pledged to support the principles of the Federalist EP2014 Campaign along the Dublin EPP congress in 7 of March.

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PES Congress 2014: Socialist MEPS support the Federalist EP2014 Campaign
02/03/14 //

An enthusiastic delegation of 14 from UEF and JEF rocked the Party of European Socialists Congress (1 March) with many of its delegates and members expressing their support to the Federalist EP2014 Campaign.

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European Federalists met Greens candidates
24/02/14 //

20 people from UEF and JEF was at the European Green party electoral convention (22 February) to ask candidates and delegates to campaign for a Federal Europe.

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