A European Citizens Initiative to complement the Campaign for a European Federation
18/09/11 //
On the 17 September 2011, the National Board of the MFE, UEF in Italy, meeting in Milano resolved to propose a European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) for "A sustainable development plan for growth, economic recovery and employment... » read more
The European Union towards a participatory democracy: the European Citizens Initiative
14/09/11 //
On 12 September 2011, UEF Belgium, in partnership with the Club de la Presse du Hainaut and with the support of Europe Direct and the Hainaut development’s provincial office, organized a debate. It took place at the Club de la... » read more
Europe driven into a corner: call for the urgent establishment of the United States of Europe
14/09/11 //
Europe, despite the advances of the Lisbon Treaty, remains frozen in complex patterns and hybrid decision-making that no longer allow it to effectively deal with unprecedented challenges it now faces both internally and globally. » read more
The Economic and Financial crisis: the project for the United States of Europe
12/09/11 //
On the 10 September 2011, UEF Belgium organized a debate “The Economic and Financial crisis: the project for the United States of Europe” at at the “Maison des Fédéralistes” in Overijse. » read more
UEF Belgium General Assembly approves a Call for the United States of Europe
11/09/11 //
UEF-Belgium held its annual Congress on 10 September 2011. Special guests were Pierre Defraigne, Honorary Director general at the European Commission and Executive Director of the Madariaga Foundation; Paolo Vacca, member of the... » read more

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