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The journey towards a united, democratic and federal Europe begins with you. The Union of European Federalists is a citizens’ movement of like-minded individuals working together to
realise our vision of a Europe politically united. Our activities depend on the actions of members and support of individuals from across Europe. By joining the UEF you can contribute to forming our shared vision for the future of Europe and support our initiatives at European and grassroots level.

The UEF has been working for seventy years towards a united and federal Europe. We have been active in calling for every major milestone that European integration has achieved. Today, as Europe is at a major crossroad, we continue to be a leading voice for European political unity across our continent.

Federalists have the solutions to the challenges we face.

As desperate people flee war and poverty and national governments failed to manage the flows of refugees and migrants about how to handle new arrivals, the Federalists call for common border management, a single asylum policy and a European plan to accommodate new arrivals.

As the Eurozone struggles with questions about its future, the Federalists call for a fiscal and economic union and a democratically accountable European Government with the powers and resources to promote the interest of the Eurozone as a whole.

As people lose faith in democracy and politics, the Federalists call for a deep overhaul of the Union’s Institutions, to put an end to decisions made behind closed doors and give a real meaning to the European citizenship.

As the borders of the European Union, from Ukraine, to Syria and North Africa, are facing war and instability, the Federalists call for a single European foreign, security and defence policy, pooling of military resources and the creation of a European Army.

However, a movement is just as strong as its members. Today a committed and convincing federalist organisation is more needed than ever, to spur national governments and politicians to act, to counter the negative forces of nationalism and populism and to rally citizens and politicians around a positive vision of the European project.

It is the time to get on board and take the only road to a democratic and prosperous future for all European: a united and federal Europe.

How do you join?

You can chose to become a member of one of our national sections, or if you prefer you can become an individual member at the European level by subscribing below (membership costs €50 or €25 for students/unwaged and can be paid by card, paypal or bank transfer).

If you are resident in a country where we have a national section, your individual membership at European level will also make you a member of our national section in your country of residence.

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