09 April, 2014
Toward Federal Europe: Federalists have their dedicated Campaign Website
The Union of European Federalists has published few weeks ago its website for the EP2014 Campaign TOWARDS FEDERAL EUROPE where you can find all kind of information about the UEF campaign.
The dedicated website for the EP2014 Campaign presents federalist candidates and displays a set of tools to make this election trully European.

Are you a member of JEF or UEF wishing to take part in the Campaign? Have a look find out where is the next action nearest to you and join.

You can also find a wealth of tools which you can use to promote the Federalist message from a template letter for you to contact your local candidate to Factsheets (forthcoming) to populist and Eurosceptic arguments.

Find out who to vote for: over 45 political candidates have sent ther picture already and 80 candidates signed the pledge. Visit the website and spread the word! 

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