04 October, 2012
“To stop the crisis, federal Europe now!” - Guidelines
JEF and UEF launch a joint pan-European “campaign week” from 12 to 17 October 2012, with the slogan “TO STOP THE CRISIS, FEDERAL EUROPE NOW!” It is the week preceding the meeting of the European Council's next 18-19 October.
Europe and the European Union are facing vital challenges, but national governments and politicians as well as the European Union institutions are still unable to take an initiative for a political and federal Europe, the only real solution to these challenges.
With our pan-European campaign week we want to make pressure on national governments and political parties and increase citizens’ awareness and support for the goal of a European federation. It will also be a great occasion to improve the visibility of the federalist organisations at all levels.


Inform all your local sections in your country or region. Any type of action, big or small, between the 12 and the 17 October, counts.  In the next few days and weeks, you will receive more information and material that can be used for your action.


- a public stand to distribute leaflets and other campaign material in the city centre
- even without a stand, distribute leaflets in the city centre
- a flash-mob or other street action
- a panels discussion with politicians or organisations of your city
- a conference


- think of events that reach out to citizens and other political and social organisations
- try to organise joint JEF-UEF action wherever it's possible
- organise your event close to the site of your government or parliament to increase your visibility
- size and complexity of the event depends on how strong your local group is, but to do something or not depends only on you!

- as soon as you are certain to organise an event in your city, please inform UEF Director Mana Livardjani at mana(dot) livardjani(at)federalists(dot)eu.
- send us pictures of the event (secretariat(at)federalists(dot)eu) as soon as possible on the same day to show the great pan-European mobilisation for a federal Europe.

- use a leaflet prepared at the European level (you are free to make changes and adapt it to your needs)
- issue a press release before and after your action (download a template and adopt it to your local section's needs)
- write a letter to your Prime Minister (download a template and adopt it to your local section's needs)
We count on you and your section support!

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