09 February, 2015
Political meeting: “Deepening the Eurozone, strengthening the Union: what are the next steps?”
On the weekend of 6-8 February, the UEF and JEF organised a joint political meeting “Deepening the Eurozone, strengthening the Union: what are the next steps?” in the facilities of the Europäische Akademie in Berlin. The members of both organisations exchanged ideas with outstanding guests and presented their views on the future of the currency union.

MEPs Rainer Wieland (EPP) and Sylvia-Yvonne Kaufmann (S&D) set the tone for the weekend, along with JEF Germany Secretary General David Schrock, by putting forward the considerable democratic progress represented by the election of the President of the Commission during European elections. They warned against the increasing gap between European citizens and the Institutions of the Union.

The panels focused on concrete proposals to make the Economic and Monetary Union stronger in the event of future crisis and to stimulate its growth. If the word ‘solidarity’ was the uncontested hashtag of the weekend, the terms ‘realism’ and ‘respect of commitments’ constituted the bottom-line of projects presented. Some of those were the establishment of a budget for the euro area and a European Unemployment Insurance Scheme, the reinforcement of the European Parliament in euro-related matters and the establishment of a Single Economic and Fiscal Policy for the Eurozone. In addition, valuable indications were given about the legal means at the disposal of the EU to carry out these initiatives.

During the working groups and the closing speeches the priorities of the campaigning activities of JEF and UEF for the next months were identified. It was agreed that in the short term the federalists will focus on promoting the development of a fiscal union without changing the Treaties, having as main targets the European Parliament, the Member States and the European citizens at large. In the medium and long term, however, Treaty change seems unavoidable. On this purpose, both organisations will endeavour to explain the benefits of the currency union to the citizens, while insisting on the risks of its dismantlement, to regain people’s support for the European project. On this basis, the respective Political Commissions will prepare joint campaign tools and strategies that will be put at the disposal of the members of the organisations.

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