12 October, 2012
Peace constitutes the very foundation of Europe. The project of European integration arose from the need to put an end to the destructive national divisions among the European states.

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The European Federalists were the first visionaries who understood that overcoming the national divisions was the only possibility to guarantee a peaceful and prosper future for our continent, for our citizens. The European Union was created, and today it receives the Nobel Peace Prize, a strong and deserved recognition for its efforts as a key international player promoting peace in the world.

Andrew Duff, President of the Union of European Federalists (UEF), declared: "The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the EU must spur us on to continue the great work started by the federalists some 60 years ago. The pacifying influence of European integration still has to bring resolution to frozen conflicts with Turkey and in the Balkans".

"A decade before the Treaty of Rome was signed, UEF was calling for a Union of peace, saying "Let Europe arise". Considering the European Union as a project of peace that we have to develop and hold, especially in times of crises, has always been our aim. We are very happy today," said Christian Wenning, Secretary-General of the Union of European Federalists (UEF).

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