28 May, 2014
Federalists ask European Parliament to hold voter's ground
European Federalists’ Secretary-General Christian Wenning urges the newly elected European Parliamentarians to hold onto their candidate for Commission President during the ongoing negotiations for a “package-deal” of EU key leadership positions.

We call for all European Parliamentarians to hold onto their proposal for Jean-Claude Juncker as new Commission President. The European Council will eventually have to respect the voters’ will expressed by the EP yesterday. Any other proposal would be electoral fraud and a bitter pill to swallow by the citizens all over Europe. We agree that a package-deal must be negotiated, but we need the EP election results and the agreed procedure on the European Commission presidency to be respected, as spelled out in the Lisbon Treaty and in the spirit of the negotiations that led to it. The European Parliament must not cave in and can keep its calm. The Council may take some time to accept the EP’s candidate, but the decision ultimately lies with the European Parliament that will vote with a majority on the new European Commission President.

The spirit of the Treaties is clear: The Council needs a majority in the European Parliament to get any proposed candidate approved. Furthermore the Council needs to respect the result of the elections. The European party families including powerful Heads of States and Governments had approved of their candidates on top of the list, consequently the European Parliament yesterday agreed on Jean-Claude Juncker to be the one taking over the position of the Commission President.

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