25 May, 2014
European Federalists call the Council: “Respect the vote”
The Union of European Federalists (UEF) and the Young European federalists (JEF) call the newly elected Parliament to act courageously towards the will of the voters.

Elmar Brok, UEF President and MEP, says: ”The European Parliament should now propose the winner of the chosen candidates to take over the job of the Commission President. The European Council is obliged to make its proposal in the light of the result of European Elections and after consultation with the leaders of the groups and parties in the EP, by majority. The will of the voters cannot be ignored.”

Pauline Gessant, JEF President, welcomes "that an overwhelming majority of European citizens in almost all countries have expressed their vote for political parties that believe in European economic and political integration. Only a strongly legitimised Commission President proposed by the elected European Parliament will be able to lead the EU towards needed reforms on its way to a more democracy.

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