19 November, 2012
Budget deal essential for future of Europe
The Union of European Federalists calls on the European Council to settle the long-running dispute over the Multi-Annual Financial Framework at its meeting later this week.
Speaking after the meeting in Warsaw on 16-17 November of the Federal Committee of the UEF, its President Andrew Duff MEP said:

"The Union needs the financial resources to fulfil its legal obligations and political objectives. We know that some EU states are suffering severe cuts in public spending, and it is right that we do everything we can at the EU level to reduce waste, stamp out corruption and tax evasion, and improve the quality of our investment. But the EU budget is budget for economic recovery. Used properly it can achieve vast economies of scale and cost efficiencies.

"The MFF agreement must include a mid-term review clause so that spending commitments can be looked at again as the economic cycle turns. We also want the European Parliament and Commission to insist on the creation of two new own resources   the Financial Transaction Tax and a new VAT precept   which will increase the autonomy of the EU budget and relieve the direct burden on national treasuries.

"Failure to agree the new financial perspectives this week will deepen the political crisis into which the EU has fallen. It will paralyse the further structural reform of EU policies, and will exacerbate the problem of financial accountability.

"If the UK tries to veto a budgetary deal it will in effect be opening up the prospect of its secession from the European Union."



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The Union of European Federalists (UEF) is a supranational political movement, founded in 1946. Andrew Duff, Liberal Democrat MEP (UK), has been President of the UEF since 2008.

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