"The Federalist"
Authors: James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, John Ray
Published: 1788
The Federalist is a compilation of the Federalist Papers, a series of 85 articles arguing for the ratification of the United States Constitution, first published serially in New York City newspapers. Written by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay, under the pseudonym "Publius", in honor of Roman consul Publius Valerius Publicola, they outline the philosophy and motivation of the federalism at the root of the American Constitution. Read "The Federalist" online.
"Federalist Thinking"
Author: Lucio Levi
Published: Milano 2002
Is an attempt to achieve a synthesis among several intellectual contributions in order to reassess the nature of federalism. Author of the book, professor Lucio Levi points out unobserved relationships among classical thinkers belonging to distant, and generally unrelated, cultural areas.
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