"The Perpetual Peace: A philosophic essay"
Author: Immanuel Kant
Published: 1795
During the wars of the French Revolution Immanuel Kant was inspired by the Treaty of Basel to contemplate how both - self-interest and international cooperation might bring an end to war.
"Europa Patria Mea"
Author: Fernand Herman
Published: 2005
Fernand Herman was a very precious friend of the federalist movement. About 100 articles of the nearly 600 he contributed to the newspaper “Le Courrier de la Bourse” were published in the book.
"What would a Federal Europe look like?"
Author: Florina-Laura Neculai
Published: 2005
Written by Florina-Laura Neculai, this book-project explains federalism, and more specifically European federalism, to young Europeans aged between 15-30 years old. This book intends to help young people visualise a federal Europe and the benefits it could bring. It is presented in the form of three fictional dialogues in order to be approachable and to facilitate understanding.
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