UEF Europe Group brings together parliamentarians, civil servants, interns, and other officers and staff members of the institutions and bodies of the European Union. Other people who share the values of the group can become members. The Group was founded in 12 April,1975 by merging the sections of the European Federalist Movement in Brussels and section attached to the Union of European Federalists Luxembourg.

UEF Groupe Europe intends to promote within and outside the European institutions the establishment of a federal Europe. Europe Group aims to stimulate and, if necessary, open debate on major issues and news of European integration.

UEF Groupe Europe has recently launched a series of initiatives carried out by its working groups in the following fields:

I. Establishment of European stabilisers countering the effects of automation, globalisation and offshoring of tax basis and industrial production, and also aimed at having counter-cyclical effects.

  1. European unemployment insurance scheme
  2. European-citizenship minimum wages
  3. Subsidies aiming at leveraging private investment for the conversion of industrial sectors affected by automation, digitalisation and globalisation, such as the banking and financial services sectors, car manufacturing, transport services, etc.
II. Establishment of a common defence, immigration and foreign affairs policy

III. A European budget for strategic R&D

IV. European Institutions: political community, European constituency for the European elections, direct European citizenship

All officials of European Institution interested in contributing to the fight for the United States of Europe are invited to join.
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