Andrew Duff attended the constitutive meeting of UEF Lithuania
06/02/12 //

On 3 February Mr Andrew Duff, the president of Union of European Federalists (UEF), attended the constitutive meeting of a branch of UEF in Lithuania. The meeting, which took place in the Lithuanian parliament, was widely covered...

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‘The European Union at Risk’ Policy Briefing by Andrew Duff
25/01/12 //

Last Friday (20 January) in Barcelona, MEP Andrew DUFF spoke to a conference co-organised by the Union of the European Federalists and the Spinelli Group on the current state of EU affairs. The position of the UK within the...

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Federalists to petition Parliament on Fiscal Union
23/01/12 //

At meetings in Barcelona on Friday and Saturday (20-21 January), the European federalists took a stance on the emerging intergovernmental treaty on fiscal discipline.

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Movement for federal Europe to be established in Lithuania
11/01/12 //

On 11 January 2012, an organization aiming to unite people of different professions and different political parties who share a common goal of seeing Lithuania in a strong and united Europe was announced in Lithuania’s...

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EUD President Wieland: “The EU needs Great Britain”
20/12/11 //

EUD President Rainer Wieland is cautiously optimistic about the results of the last European Council meeting. He said that a solution including all 27 member states seemed highly illusionary just a few weeks ago. Hence, the...

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