12/10/12 //

Peace constitutes the very foundation of Europe. The project of European integration arose from the need to put an end to the destructive national divisions among the European states.

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“To stop the crisis, federal Europe now!” - Guidelines
04/10/12 //

JEF and UEF launch a joint pan-European “campaign week” from 12 to 17 October 2012, with the slogan “TO STOP THE CRISIS, FEDERAL EUROPE NOW!” It is the week preceding the meeting of the European Council's next 18-19 October.

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"On Governing Europe" - a new pamphlet by Andrew Duff
27/09/12 //

President of the UEF, Andrew Duff has launched a new pamphlet “On Governing Europe”. The launch event took place at the European Parliament yesterday, 26th September; in front a large audience composed by politicians, journalists...

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Parliament accepts Federalists' petition for fiscal union and federal economic government
20/09/12 //

The European Parliament today accepted a petition which challenges it take initiatives to build a federal Europe. The petition was lodged by Andrew Duff MEP, President of the Union of European Federalists (UEF), Jo Leinen MEP,...

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Andrew Duff welcomes Barroso's new commitment to federal path for Europe
12/09/12 //

Responding to the State of the Union debate in the European Parliament at Strasbourg this morning (Wednesday). UEF President Andrew Duff said:

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