European Federalists met Greens candidates
20 people from UEF and JEF was at the European Green party electoral convention (22 February) to ask candidates and delegates to campaign for a Federal Europe. Read more
European Federalists Campaign at the ALDE Electoral Meeting
A delegation of UEF and JEF activists attended the ALDE electoral meeting held on 1 February 2014 – the first of European political party conventions – and it was a success! Read more
The 2014 challenge for the eurozone states: To create a new union
Writing in the Financial Times, Wolfgang Munchau argued that the main lesson to be learned from the eurozone crisis is that a monetary union without a central power capable of imposing the necessary economic policies is bound to... Read more
Elmar Brok elected President of the European Federalists
The Congress of the Union of European Federalists (UEF) elected in the Federal Foreign Ministry in Berlin the German MEP Elmar Brok (EPP) President of the European Federalists. Foreign Minister Westerwelle gave the keynote speech... Read more
Federalists adopt Manifesto"Towards Federal Union"
The Union of European Federalists has unanimously adopted the Manifesto "Towards Federal Union" during its XXIV European Congress in November at the German Federal Foreign Office. Read more

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