Federal Committee meeting defines federalists' future positions
The Union of European Federalists are gathering in Brussels this weekend. This long awaited Federal Committee meeting is expected to define their common position over a range of highly important subjects: the federalist answer to... Read more
In memoriam: Willy De Clercq (1927-2011)
Andrew Duff expresses his deep regret at the passing of Willy De Clercq, today, in Ghent, aged 84. Read more
"Britain’s European dilemma", Andrew Duff's latest article on the Financial Times
At a time when the European Union has to address difficult challenges, the United Kingdom is very reluctant to progress towards a federal union. Andrew Duff gives his thoughts on the question of the place of the United Kingdom in... Read more
For a Powerful Europe
Members of the UEF have come across an online petition "For the United States of Europe" put forward by Olivier Védrine and Hans-Jürgen Zahorka. We contacted Olivier Védrine to get to know more. Professor Olivier Védrine is a... Read more
Help spreading federalists' ideas! Join the team!
Federalists Intervention Task Force (FIT), initially launched for the federalists' campaign in 2009, has been re-started this year with an aim to increase the visibility of federalists at the European level debate and bring the... Read more

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