The new British policy of sabotage
Not cock-up but conspiracy. Not stupid but sabotage. That is the inevitable verdict on the British government’s performance at the European summit on December 8-9. David Cameron’s coalition government was driven by the need to... Read more
Andrew Duff: 'EU 2' is new start for Euro
Following the outcome of the euro-summit last night, Andrew Duff MEP believes that the formation of 'EU 2' and the prospect of a new treaty should start the process of stabilising the markets and saving the euro. He deplores,... Read more
Andrew Duff: 'Doubts about Van Rompuy's proposal to avoid treaty change'
Reacting to the publication by Herman Van Rompuy of his Interim Report Towards a Stronger Economic Union, Andrew Duff MEP said: Read more
Andrew Duff: 'Parliament's duty is to fight for economic democracy'
With the Euro in peril, the European Parliament should undertake the crucial task to push for a Convention, given the stalemate created by the "dogmatic" logic of the Merkel-Sarkozy's intergovernmental negotiations. Read more
Maastricht treaty tested to destruction, by Andrew Duff
Andrew Duff analyses the last stances of Germany and France and explains the necessity of a new Convention. Read more

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