Article by Franco Spoltore, Secretary General of MFE, on Le Monde online
Franco Spoltore, the Secretary General of UEF Italy, gives his thoughts on European federalism in an article published on on 5 January 2012. Read more
The new British policy of sabotage
Not cock-up but conspiracy. Not stupid but sabotage. That is the inevitable verdict on the British government’s performance at the European summit on December 8-9. David Cameron’s coalition government was driven by the need to... Read more
Andrew Duff: 'EU 2' is new start for Euro
Following the outcome of the euro-summit last night, Andrew Duff MEP believes that the formation of 'EU 2' and the prospect of a new treaty should start the process of stabilising the markets and saving the euro. He deplores,... Read more
Andrew Duff: 'Doubts about Van Rompuy's proposal to avoid treaty change'
Reacting to the publication by Herman Van Rompuy of his Interim Report Towards a Stronger Economic Union, Andrew Duff MEP said: Read more
Andrew Duff: 'Parliament's duty is to fight for economic democracy'
With the Euro in peril, the European Parliament should undertake the crucial task to push for a Convention, given the stalemate created by the "dogmatic" logic of the Merkel-Sarkozy's intergovernmental negotiations. Read more

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