Europe of the future: what Europe do we want?
The crisis is putting pressure on the politics to take action. People are asking if the Europe will be able to overcome the crisis. How you manage all the challenges and create confidence in new European integration? How do we... Read more
European Federalists urge leaders to stick to their words
On 1-2 March, 25 of the 27 heads of government will sign the fiscal compact treaty. Over the last few months, many of those leaders have declared that we need to go further. There have been calls for 'more Europe' and a genuine... Read more
After the fiscal compact, European democracy
The decision of 25 EU governments to endorse a fiscal compact marks a turning point in the sovereign debt crisis. Now a debate on the political future of the EU begins. Read more
Les organisations européennes adressent une pétition au Parlement européen l'invitant à s'engager sur la voie de l'Union fédérale
Au lendemain de l'accord entre 25 chefs d'Etats et de gouvernements autour d'un traité d'union budgétaire, les présidents de trois des organisations pro-européennes les plus importantes adressent une pétition au Parlement... Read more
European organisations petition the parliament for next step to federal union
Following the agreement on the fiscal treaty by the heads of government of 25 member states, the heads of the three leading pro-Europe organisations have petitioned the European Parliament. Read more

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