Maastricht treaty tested to destruction, by Andrew Duff
Andrew Duff analyses the last stances of Germany and France and explains the necessity of a new Convention. Read more
Andrew Duff launches Convention Agenda
The first public proposals for the new Convention on economic governance were launched today by Euro-MP Andrew Duff. Read more
Federalists elected in European Movement International
The UEF Delegation present at EMI’s Federal Assembly (Warsaw 25-26 November 2011) was glad to witness the election of six members of the federalist family in the new board or the international organisation.Jo Leinen, President of... Read more
UEF brings federalism at JEF Training Days in Antwerp
The Union of European Federalists was invited by JEF Belgium to explain federalism to the participants of the JEF Belgium Training Days, held in Antwerp on 19th and 20th November 2011. Read more
Federalists demand that Merkel respect Community method to save the euro
Merkel's remarks against the creation of Euro-bonds and a change in the role of the ECB penalizes the euro, which retreated against the dollar. Federalists remind the Chancellor of Germany that common solutions and collective... Read more

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