Europe in the Period of Reflexion. In light of excessive markets: More or less EU?
13/03/06 //

This debate, hosted by UEF Austria in Vienna, aimed to involve citizens in the discussion and shaping of Europe’s future, thus implementing the strategies of the White Paper on a European Communication Policy and the Plan D for...

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Federal Union seminar within the framework of Plan D: “The European Constitution: What went wrong and how to put it right?"
11/03/06 //

Federal Union, the UK section of the UEF, held its Annual General Meeting on the theme of “The European constitution: what went wrong and how to put it right?” in London on Saturday 11 March 2006.

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First Citizens' Convention in Genoa
05/12/05 //

In this difficult period following the setback of the negative results in the French and Dutch referenda, it is of paramount importance that civil society and do not lose track of their objectives. We must return to our roots, go...

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Joint WFM-UEF Public Meeting
04/11/05 //

On Friday November 4, the UEF and the World Federalist Movement (WFM) held their first joint public conference "Federalism and democracy: the experiences and contributions of the European Union and the African States"...

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Public debate: Revitalising the United Nations' System
04/10/05 //

Joseph E. Schwartzberg, Professor at the university of Minnesota and member of the steering committee of the World Federalist Movement, joined UEF and JEF members for an evening debate at the UEF/JEF European Secretariat in order...

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