UEF supports Monica Luisa MACOVEI as Woman of Europe 2008
12/11/08 //

UEF President, Andrew Duff, participated in the jury that elected the Romanian exMinister of Justice as Woman of Europe 2008. Andrew Duff voted for the winner on the meeting held Wednesday 12th in Brussels for her dedication to...

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Exchange on UN Parliamentary Assembly hosted in European Parliament, 4th and 5th of November 2008, Brussels
11/11/08 //

Representatives of non-governmental organizations and stakeholders of the Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) from around 15 countries gathered in the European Parliament in Brussels on 4th and 5th...

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JEF and UEF activists in Madrid during the PES Council meeting on 1st of December, Spain
10/11/08 //

In the framework of the Who is your candidate? campaign for a transparently and democratically elected president of the European Commission, UEF and JEF are organizing a public action in Madrid on December 1st during the meeting...

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Jo Leinen, CEUNPA and the UEF invite to a reception in the European Parliament on 4th of November 2008
17/10/08 //

The Campaign for the Establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (CEUNPA), the Union of European Federalists (UEF) andJo Leinen, MEP, UEF Honorary President, invite to a Reception in the European Parliament on 4th...

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Annual Congress of the UEF.be, 13th of September 2008 in Brussels, Belgium
15/10/08 //

At its annual Congress on 13 September, the Union of European Federalists (UEF)-Belgium elected Michele Ciavarini Azzi as its President, Paul Frix as Vice President and Domenico Rossetti di Valdalbero as Secretary general. The...

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