Laudation in the honour of Fernand Herman and presentation of the publication "Europa Patria Mea"
The laudation honouring Fernand HERMAN and the presentation of a publication presenting his works and articles took place on 25 April at the European Parliament. It was co-organised by the Foundation Pegase, Foundation Schuman,... Read more
UEF Bureau Meeting
The meeting focussed on the program of the Second European Citizens’ Convention and the XXI UEF European Congress. Furthermore, political as well as organisational aspects of a possible Third European Citizens’ Convention in... Read more
Europe in the Period of Reflexion. In light of excessive markets: More or less EU?
This debate, hosted by UEF Austria in Vienna, aimed to involve citizens in the discussion and shaping of Europe’s future, thus implementing the strategies of the White Paper on a European Communication Policy and the Plan D for... Read more
UEF and JEF call for local, regional and national governments and European civil society to capitalise on the opportunities of the DUFF-VOGGENHUBER report
Today, 20 January, the UEF and JEF sent joint letters to European civil society organisations as well as to local, regional and national parliaments and governments, to draw their attention to the innovations of the so-called... Read more
“Ms. Wallström, you can count on us”, says UEF-Secretary-General,Friedhelm FRISCHENSCHLAGER
The “Plan D” for more dialogue, democracy and debate, launched by the European Commission last year, was the main topic discussed at the meeting between the European Commission’s Vice President Margot Wallström and... Read more

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